Core Values

While not ideal, a stay-at-home order has given me time to work on projects around the house and polish up projects for work.

Establishing core values is something I started a while back and have taken advantage of the extra at-home time to finish up establishing these core values.

Anyone can toss out a few words and call them values, but I wanted to make sure my core values fit me and weren't simply words to impress a few people. And if you know me, I think you'd say these 5 core values make sense and fit who I am.

Relationships First - My background is in education. And if there is one thing I learned while working in education, it's that the relationship with my student or teachers will have farther reaching impact than anything I can teach them. The same idea applies to my approach when working with a client. I want to establish a relationship with my clients first. I am much more effective for my clients if our interactions are relational rather than transaction based.

Solutions Focused - Building a relationship with my clients allows me to then clearly focus on solutions for my clients. After all, that is why you hired me, correct? To help you solve a problem.

Be The Expert - You know the AT&T commercial, the one where the guy is looking for a good brakes mechanic and the mechanic says, "We're OK."? You don't want that mechanic. And you don't want that realtor either. I pride myself on continuous learning and immersing myself in the latest technology and staying up-to-date with the market. I want to be your expert.

Ownership - I'm not talking about a business or home. I'm talking about my responsibilities. I understand what you need from me and I hold my self accountable to getting you what you need in the best way possible for you.

Humility - Every morning, I check my ego at the door. I fully understand this process is about my clients; not me.


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