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Below are the Charlie Hustle Cast Give Away nominees!  Scroll through, read their stories and vote for your favorite!  Voting is at the bottom.  Voting closes Sunday, 11/29/2020 and the winner will be announced on Monday, 11/30/2020!  (Jump to the vote box here

Ashford Collins

Oxford Middle School | Blue Valley School District

Ashford puts his scholars and staff before himself every single day. He’s engaging, respectful, caring, compassionate and loyal. Before his scholars and staff is his family. He juggles a huge job and still manages to make his ladies at home a number one priority.

Amy Hartgrove

Warren Hills Elementary | 4th Grade | Liberty Schools

Some people are just called to be teachers. Mrs. Hartgrove is one of those people. My son has absolutely blossomed under her wing this year. She goes above and beyond what is required of her in so many instances. Mrs. Hartgrove understands my son's unique challenges and has encouraged him to become a leader in the classroom. She gets to know each student as an individual and connects with them deeply. Mrs. Hartgrove has built a family in her classroom where the students genuinely care for one another and about one another. She teaches the students about acts of kindness and demonstrates them for her students. On a recent morning, she had her students each write two short, encouraging notes. She then took the kids to the staff parking lot at their school where the kids tucked a note under each teacher/staff member's windshield wiper. What an awesome example of doing a small gesture that can make someone's day! She also goes out of her way to be sure to grab a breakfast from the cafeteria and have it waiting on the desk of a student who often arrives after the bell in the morning. Mrs. Hartgrove is an email away should a student feel anxious or want to share a high point in their day or weekend. She truly is an exemplary teacher who deserves any and all recognition possible. We are blessed to have our child learning from her this year!

Jeff Anderson

Center School District | Pre-K

Jeff is a male Pre-K teacher, which is like a rare unicorn! He is an energetic, creative and exciting teacher that works well with 3 to 5 year olds. He prepares them for kindergarten with rigorous and fun lessons. Before this year he was also an assistant high school football coach. He literally taught the youngest and oldest students in the district simultaneously!

John Daigle

Blue Valley North High School | Special Education | Blue Valley School District

My husband is in his second year teaching high school Special Education. He is an Army Veteran and cares deeply about his students in his new career path. He is also in graduate school to complete his education degree. In addition to this, he is an amazing father to two daughters.

Diane Harris

Center School District | Special Education

Diane Harris has been an educator for over 29 years. She has served at all levels, including elementary, middle, and high school. She has taught special education, math, and reading. After serving over 28 years in the olathe school district, Diane continued her career in Missouri at Center School District where she currently serves as a Special Education teacher for high school students. During her time as an educator she also has served as a cross country coach at the middle school level. Diane has spent years serving the metro community and giving back to students in any way she can. She is dedicated to helping her students reach their full potential.

Erin Holliway

Lathrop School District

I have been teaching and coaching for 15 years (all at the same school!) and this year is the hardest, by far!  The constant changes to policies, recommendations, expectations...not to mention our whole class getting put in quarantine the week before Thanksgiving!  It is always nice to be recognized for our efforts and I would love to win so I can share the prize with the other teachers on my kindergarten team!

Amy Irvin

Basehor Linwood School District

She is an exceptional
Teacher that goes above and beyond every day.  She has taught 3 of my kids and is loved by many!

Maddie King

Starside Elementary | 4th Grade | USD232

Being a teacher has never been easy, this year it’s especially true. The way I’ve seen my wife adapt to the constant changes has been an inspiration. Always putting the kids and their safety and education first. Making sure the classroom was safe by staying late to disinfect and sanitize the classroom make her my favorite educator and deserving to win this contest.

Kristi Loftus

Behavioral Specialist | Olathe School District

I would love to win this! I do not think I am more deserving. Honestly, all educators deserve a little extra this fall! I know in my role, it has been insane to try and support staff and students.  Behavior is tough on a good year, but this year is a special kind of crazy! Thank you for offering this for educators!!

Kayla Mertz

Mathews Elementary | Music Teacher | Grain Valley

Kayla is always going out of her way to bring joy to kids through music. She gives up her plan time often to work with kids who are struggling emotionally and also provides the district-wide music instruction for elementary students. She never loses her smile, consistently researches best practices for instruction and is also continuing her graduate work during this pandemic. She is the best!

Kris Rivera

LindenWest Elementary | PreK | North Kansas City

Kris should win because she is a phenomenal Pre-K teacher who goes above and beyond to build lasting relationships with her students and families.  She is also an amazing colleague and friend.

Whitney Schmale

Olathe East High School | Counselor | Olathe School District

This year has just been a thing.... not only did I spend 6 months creating the perfect, most accommodating master schedule, but then I had to redo first semester in September and now a second semester redo is in my near future!
Thank you for loving on us Chad!

Brandon Simpson

Physical Education | Olathe School District

Brandon has been teaching and coaching in Olathe for over 20 years. He started coaching soccer while still in college. He has had an impact on many lives while winning an Educator Excellence award in Olathe as well as the 2019 Kansas Coach of the year for swimming. Charlie Hustle would up his wardrobe which usually lacks with all of the sports teams T-shirts.

Ashley Scanlon

Pathfinder Elementary | 2nd Grade | Platte County School District

Ashley is an amazing teacher that teaches from the heart.  She goes above and beyond to help her kids succeed in the classroom but also outside of the classroom.  She goes to their activities after school or on the weekends to support them! She was born to be a teacher!

Kelli Svatos

Indian Trail Middle School | Olathe School District

I love my students and I work hard to help them love math and grow as individuals!

Angie Troutman

Woodland Springs Middle School | Science Teacher | Spring Hill School District

Angie is the kindest teacher out there, she deeply cares for her students, their growth, and their success. She also puts in countless hours helping student after school with more than just science. Fantastic teacher!!

Josh Yoakam

Lansing Middle School | Gifted Education | USD469

Mr. Yoakam goes above and beyond being the Gifted teacher at USD469.  He makes sure his students are emotionally and mentally doing well.  Mr. Yoakam has his students step up and shoot for the stars in all of their projects.  He is well deserving.

Patti Winkler

Hocker Grove Middle School | 8th Grade | Shawnee Mission School District

My wife has been a middle school teacher for 35 years. It's not a job for her, it is her calling. She does so much more for "her kids" than impart information--she helps develop their love of learning while offering them guidance, help, care, and support outside of the school walls. She's been invited and attended music programs, sporting events, and life celebrations. She's supplied school items as well as clothes and food, and her time when her students need them. My wife is a hero!

Andrew Monrean

Lincoln College Prep Middle School | 7th Grade Teacher

I may be a little partial since I’m married to this teacher, but Andrew has served and some of the highest at-risk districts in the area and continues to do a phenomenal job of not only educating with passion for social studies but building great relationships with his students. He is flexible and a leader. He has taken on so much extra work this school year especially and he deserves a little something to say thanks! Plus he may be the biggest Charlie hustle fan I know!